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Displays real-time speed in min/km, total time and distance traveled. Several training activities such as drag, race, track and basic training.

Stores training data in the device's memory (time, distance, average speed, top speed and exceedances of alarm limits). Continuous display of heart rate.

The new display ensures excellent visibility even in perpendicular sunlight. Very accurate, really easy to use and ready to use right out of the box!

TimerGPS+ Product bundle includes:

  • TimerGPS+ Device
  • Micro-USB Charger
  • Micro-USB Cable


  • Supported speed units: min/km, min/mile, m/min, km/h, and mph.
  • Displays the distance traveled, the number of laps and the time of the exercise.
  • Training functions: basic, interval, race, and track training, as well as countdown function.
  • With the TimerGPS HR-Check handle, you can measure your horse's resting and recovery heart rate.
  • The device has memory for up to ten horses and their workouts.
  • All collected data is stored in the device's memory for subsequent analysis.
  • Languages to choose from: Finnish English, French, Italian, Swedish, and German.
  • New sunlight-readable transflective LCD display with backlighting.
  • A new GPS chip manufactured by U-blox.
  • An interface that connects all training functions.
  • Hr-Basic heart rate belt allows you to monitor the horse's heart rate during training
  • Automatic combination with hr-basic heart rate belt and HR-Check heart rate handle.

Heart rate measurement view

Basic practice view

Race practice view

Drag exercise view








Heart rate measurement: The HR-Basic heart rate belt allows you to monitor the horse's heart rate during training. Using the HR-Check heart rate handle, you can measure rest and recovery heart rate.

Basic exercise: Displays the speed in the unit you selected during training. In addition to speed, you can choose between the time of day in the view, the duration of the exercise, the distance traveled and the average speed. TimerGPS+ records all exercises in an easy-to-read format for later analysis.

Race practice: The race exercise can be used to simulate the race situation. You can choose the length of the race from the following: 1600m, 2100m, 2600m or 3100m. TimerGPS+ then automatically shows the lap times just like in races.

Pulling exercise: The traction exercise function allows for precise traction training. With the touch of a button, you can start and stop the interval. After each interval, TimerGPS+ shows the time, distance traveled, and middle ages.

Timer GPS plus2

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