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For supple muscle development


Product Overview

Exselent E contains Selenium and Vitamin E which aid muscle well-being. It increases muscle performance by allowing supple muscle development. A daily supplementation with Exselent E can help tension, stiffness, shortness of stride and nervousness.

Selenium is vital in the process of muscle health, and to aid the retention of suppleness in the muscle tissue during work. Vitamin E is a key component in promoting muscle development.


Why Choose Exselent E?

  • For the horse's muscle wellbeing, relaxation, performance and development.
  • For suppleness, and the horse's ability to take increased muscle stress, during competition, training, racing, etc.
  • For muscle and nerve cells.
  • Contains important ingredients for fertility in mares and stallions.
  • "When the muscle is able to perform properly it will develop naturally."


Horseman's Tips

"When you need your horse to be powerful, supple, flexible and happy, you need Exselent E."



Mix into damp feed:

  • Add two 25g scoops to the feed daily.

Horse First Exselent E 1kg

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