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  • Warmblood system suitable for 20″ to 26″ muzzle circumference as measured just above the nostrils
  • NEW: 3 levels of user selectable power output
  • NEW: 35 minute auto-turnoff allowing for longer uninterrupted nebulisation
  • NEW: protective ‘dry cup’ power down once liquid has nebulised
  • NEW: Improved battery management system with power level indicator LEDs
  • NEW: up to 6hrs battery life due to improved battery management
  • For use with metered-dose inhalers or wet nebulisation
  • Targeted delivery system, directing concentrated medication to the lungs and small airways
  • Treatment can be completed within five minutes leaving more time for exercise and training
  • Treatment can be completed by the owner reducing the need for visits from a veterinarian
  • Three sizes of flexible silicone mask suitable for foals/ponies,  thoroughbreds and warmbloods
  • Average particle size from vibrating mesh technology (VMT) nebuliser 4um for optimum penetration into the small airways
  • Compact, portable and battery operated for use where mains electricity may not be readily available
  • Up to three hours usage off a single charge
  • Very efficient device with 10mls of liquid aerosolised in less than twelve minutes
  • Totally silent operation
  • Full range of spares available
  • Available as MDI only version (VMT nebuliser can be purchased separately and added at a later date) or full system for both MDI and wet nebulisation.


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