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Bar Spreaders are designed particularly for horses who are narrow through the chest. The foam covered loops are placed around the front legs and sit at the top in the elbow. They are either fastened to the shaft of the sulky, or can also be hung over the wither with the use of a Neck Support, which provides a little bit more upward lift.

Spreaders assist in keeping the legs wider while racing so that the horse does not knock its knees or otherwise interfere with keeping a straight stride.

A Thick Model is also available, featuring thicker padding for horses who knock badly, or require extra assistance to stride truely.


The Neck Support is used in conjuction with Bar Spreaders. It is essentially a "carrier" to hold the spreaders up on the horse in the event that the trainer has not chosen to connect them to the sulky.

The strap of the bar spreaders loops through the ring at either end of the neck support, while the support itself rests over the wither of the horse. It is padded for greater comfort.

Zilco Bar Spreaders with Neck Support

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